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Three approaches constitute the concept of “Play to Earn” in PlayMining’s first game “JobTribes”.


Play for a living

In the world of JobTribes, jobs are everything you need to survive. Through strategy card battles, you will earn PALEcoin that is redeemable with actual cryptocurrency called DEAPcoin*1. With JobTribes, playing is not just for a fun but for a living.


Trading card game with

simple rules

Get DEAPcoin from a simple game!


Loved by Sensei!

Everything from game synopsis to illustrations of Job Lord cards are all done by super-famous manga artists who support JobTribes. To name just a few, Sensei Shin Kibayashi from The New Kindaichi Files, Sensei Haruhiko Mikimoto from The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Sensei Hiro Mashima from Fair Tail!!

Let's play a game in which famous creators are taking part in!

User’s Voice


“I must say that this game is so simple but at the same time it has so much strategy involved that it makes it very fun, making your decisions play a huge role to obtain great prizes! Also, the idea behind playminig is awesome: paying for items is not a waste of money as you can re-sell them for real money in DAA, but moreover, you can even earn money without having to pay anything, only by playing for free!”


Playing JobTribes new game puzzle is really amazing and I like the interface between the screen Great game so far #jobtribes best game and best team.

I love this project! As a person dealing with cryptocurrencies and like to play games, It made me very happy to see both getting together in this game! Waiting for your new projects in the future. Thanks JobTribes!

Make money through games!


Check the official website for more information on JobTribes!

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